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Benefits of Home Health Care

Learn the benefits of our services through Universal Home Care Services, LLC.

Meet our Staff

These are the people who are behind the services provided by Universal Home Care Services, LLC.

Free Nurse Consultations

Get free nurse consultations when you call us by phone!

Welcome toUniversal Home Care Sevices, LLC

We offer experienced staff providing individualized services for our consumers. We are guided by our strict adherence to the local and state standards, and we are able to deliver our services efficiently, with dignity and respect.

Mission Statement

Universal Home Care Services, LLC aims to provide our consumers with quality care to enhance their health and well being by offering professional services through our highly skilled and professional Certified Nursing Assistants and Substance Abuse staff.

Universal Home Care Services, LLC will be able to cater to your needs whether you need us on an hourly, weekly or intermittent basis. Just give us a call at 704-900-8709 and we’ll set a schedule for an assessment so we can start home health care right away.