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Benefits of Home Health Care

Learn the benefits of our services through Universal Home Care Services, LLC.

Send your Referrals

We are always glad to receive any client referrals by phone. You can send them to us online as well.

Meet our Staff

These are the people who are behind the services provided by Universal Home Care Services, LLC.

Free Nurse Consultations

Get free nurse consultations when you call us by phone!

Universal Home Care Services (UHCS) is founded and operated by experienced nurses who believe in treating our clients as holistic beings. We do this by establishing a caring relationship with our clients, displaying an unconditional acceptance of our clients, treating our clients with respect and dignity, and promoting quality health through knowledge and intervention.

We are founded to provide non-medical services to the elderly and clients who are homebound. In 2011, we added nursing services to better serve our clients. However, in the quest to serve our patients holistically; we recognize the needs of some of our clients with substance abuse and mental health issues. Therefore in 2012, we added the Substance Abuse Outpatient Intensive Program (SAIOP) and outpatient therapy for individual and group (mental health and substance abuse).

Our commitment is to foster personal growth and self-fulfillment of our clients and their families. We hire highly skilled, competent and compassionate professionals.

For questions and inquiries, please give us a call at 704-900-8709.